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Saturday, November 12th - Crafting / Boffer Practice / Event

Posted by divideby0 on 2005.11.09 at 10:48
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Lost Realms Event Saturday November 19th

The next Lost Realms event is quickly approaching!
That means that I'm WAY behind in my desired prop making! Who's up for a fighter practice/ prop & weapon making/ hangout? This will be the first meeting of the ct_cc_guild, and everyone is invited- Guildmembers, Lost realms Players, heck, if you just want to hang out and get creative or play with boffer weapons, come on by!

If you are planning on coing and can let me know in advance, PLEASE do so. E-mail divideby0[at]livejournal.com. Right now I'll plan on hosting it at our place in Middletown. I would like to buy grub for soup and sammiches, and will have a donation jar to help defray the cost- I'm thinking plenty of cheese, some good bread, all manner of fixins and condiments, probably some variation of vegetable soup. BYOM (Bring your own meat.) This will also be a child friendly event, but we will try to keep the munchkins away from the crafters so they can get stuff done.

Also, if you need/want to make weapons, let us know what materials you anticipate needing and we will try to have them there (probably a small fee for materials.)

So who's in? We'll plan to open the doors by noon, have food ready for about 1pm (but eat whenever), wrap up around whenever...?

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